The Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) Showdown: Top Three Dealers Dominate Market Share and Rankings in the First Half of 2023

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The market trading landscape is constantly evolving, and understanding the performance of licensed dealing members is crucial for decision-makers in the industry. This comprehensive analysis delves into the market share and rankings of licensed dealing members from January to June 2023, sourced from the Ghana Stock Exchange Equities Market Report. By examining the value traded and volume traded by each member, this report offers valuable insights to guide strategic decision-making in market trading.

Market Share Analysis and Rankings:

The table below presents the market share data along with rankings for each licensed dealing member based on their value traded and volume traded during the first half of 2023.

IC SECURITIES438,033,305.2366.16322,220,09071.0111
DATABANK BROKERAGE101,900,415.8115.3978,797,26917.3622
CHAPELHILL DENHAM SECURITIES39,011,687.005.8929,479,6006.5033
SBG SECURITIES36,888,404.055.571,939,9690.4346
EDC STOCKBROKERS14,234,153.472.15975,3840.2158
BLACKSTAR BROKERAGE11,813,511.871.785,129,0711.1364
UMB STOCKBROKERS7,962,727.071.205,614,2501.2475
REPUBLIC SECURITIES5,730,419.390.874,185,7190.9287
TEAK TREE BROKERAGE2,300,251.230.351,474,6500.3299
SIC BROKERAGE1,665,996.920.251,518,2030.331010
NTHC SECURITIES779,341.160.12774,2470.171111
LAURUS SECURITIES410,832.960.06421,6410.091212
STRATEGIC AFRICAN SECURITIES405,498.470.06542,9320.121313
CDH SECURITIES280,789.970.04275,5870.061414
AMBER SECURTIES232,122.800.04119,6900.031516
BULLION SECURITIES163,025.790.02135,9900.031615
CONSTANT CAPITAL113,844.760.0288,0060.021717
FIRSTBANC BROKERAGE101,307.800.0262,8140.011818
SERENGETI CAPITAL26,258.650.0019,5520.001919
WORLDWIDE SECURITIES882.000.004000.002020
SARPONG CAPITAL0.000.0000.00

Ranking Analysis:

  • Value Traded Ranking: IC Securities secures the top spot with the highest value traded, followed by Databank Brokerage in the second position and Chapelhill Denham Securities in third place.
  • Volume Traded Ranking: Similarly, IC Securities holds the highest market share in terms of volume traded, while Databank Brokerage ranks second, and Chapelhill Denham Securities ranks third.
  • Market Share Breakdown: The top three licensed dealing members, namely IC Securities, Databank Brokerage, and Chapelhill Denham Securities, collectively contribute over 87% of the total value traded and volume traded in the market.

Importance to Decision Makers in the Market:

The market share and rankings data offer invaluable insights and implications for decision makers in the market. Here’s why this analysis holds critical importance for their strategies and actions:

  • Identifying Market Leaders: Decision makers can identify the leading dealers in the market and learn from their successful strategies. Analyzing the top performers can provide inspiration for enhancing operational efficiency, customer engagement, and product offerings.
  • Understanding Market Trends: The data reflects the preferences and activities of investors during the first half of 2023. Decision makers can use this information to understand prevailing market trends, investor sentiment, and emerging opportunities.
  • Assessing Competitor Performance: By comparing their own performance against the top dealers, decision makers can gauge their competitiveness and identify areas for improvement. This assessment can help fine-tune their business models and marketing strategies.
  • Strategic Planning: Armed with the market share and ranking data, decision makers can devise data-driven strategic plans to strengthen their market position, expand their customer base, and capitalize on growth prospects.
  • Fostering Innovation: Learning from successful dealers can stimulate innovation within organizations. Decision makers can encourage creative thinking, embrace technology, and explore new ways to enhance their services and products.


Based on the Ghana Stock Exchange Equities Market Report for June 2023, this analysis provides valuable insights into the market share and rankings of licensed dealing members in the market trading industry. IC Securities leads the market with the highest value traded and volume traded, followed closely by Databank Brokerage and Chapelhill Denham Securities. The top three licensed dealing members collectively dominate the market, underlining their significant contributions to market trading. Understanding the performance of licensed dealing members is instrumental for making informed decisions, identifying opportunities, and formulating strategies that drive success in market trading. As the industry continues to evolve, staying attuned to market share dynamics will be essential in achieving sustainable growth and success. Decision-makers must leverage these insights to position their firms for continued success in the dynamic and competitive market trading environment.

Source: Ghana Stock Exchange Equities Market Report June 2023.

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